Kitchen Counter RemodelsIt’s time to start thinking about your next remodel.  By the time we’ve completed all your remodeling work in a timely and professional manner, you’ll be proud to show off your new home right away.

Kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and renovations on the entirety of your Austin home… we do it all!

Your kitchen might be nice but, let’s face it, could always be improved.  Why don’t you get in touch with us today so we can start discussing how we can take your kitchen to the next level?  You’ll be shocked that, once the plan is set in place and the real work begins, just how much you’ll be able add while simultaneously freeing up in kitchen space.  We believe that the best kitchens are also the most functional – talk to us about improving your kitchen’s walking space and kitchen counters.

Additionally, we handle bathroom remodels.  We’ve remodeled countless bathrooms and always make sure our customers are left completely satisfied with how we turn their bathroom into something so much more.  If your tub, toilet, sink and anything else needs to go, contact us.  Our bathroom remodels will have your home increasing its value in no time.  You’ll also appreciate how we can turn your bathroom into a fully-functioning bathroom with style to spare.

Your Austin home might be ready for some serious work from a serious contractor.  Contact E4 today and see just where we can take your home!